(Yet another) blog is born

Does the world need more blogs – probably not, but it’s getting one anyway.

Days of Past Futures is being launched to provide a more of a subjective voice on issues that I observe and cover in a more journalistic manner in other venues and formats.

The interface between the Canadian health care system, health information technology and social media is a complex one that is fundamentally changing how we communicate about medicine and health care.

The title ‘Days of Past Futures’ is – of course – a nod to the famous Moody Blues album from 1967. Over the last few decades we have seen a number of bright, shiny futures espoused for the Canadian health care system as a result of reforms and innovations such as the advert of electronic medical records. Few, if any, of the promises attached to these innovations have come about. Hence the blog title.

Through this blog I intend to provide a more narrative perspective on the issues I see through my lens as a communicator for the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). While I am sure my perspective will often align with those of my employer it should be stressed that the views expressed here are my own. The CMA has its elected president to express the views of its membership.


4 thoughts on “(Yet another) blog is born

  1. Your question is a bit like asking if the world needs another book in an already crowded book market – andof course the answer depends on the book. Likewise, the world does need another blog if it adds value to the healthcare conversation which I am sure, knowing you, this one will certainly do so. Looking forward to reading your valuable insights here as you get a chance to expand on them more through blogging.

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