Flying to #HIMSS16 and into the future

HIMSS16 SMA Badge [8339409]

I can’t think of a better book to read en route to HIMSS16 in Las Vegas than Dr. Bertalan Meskó’s (@berci) latest book My Health Upgraded: Revolutionary Technologies to Bring a Healthier Future.

A Hungarian physician and geneticist, Meskó has crammed a lot of the future into his relatively short career and is a much sought-after speaker on the potential offered by bio-technical innovation.

In this latest self-published book, Meskó takes a conversational approach in attempting to answer “the 40 most exciting and interesting questions” people have asked him about the real impact of innovations we will be hearing a lot about in Vegas, such as wearables, 3D printing, robotics, and precision medicine.

These questions range from “Why would you measure your ECG at home,” to “Will we 3D print or grow organs?”

When it comes to using new monitoring and personalized health devices and apps, Meskó knows of what he speaks. He has measured his ECG at home, had his genome sequenced while doing his PhD, as well as regularly monitoring his own fitness, mood and sleep. When it comes to the Quantified Self, Meskó is he.

Meskó was also one of the pioneers to see earl on the potential for social media to improve health and health care delivery and each chapter of the book includes handy Twitter hashtags relevant to the subject matter, as well as some specific discussions about how social media are transforming health care.

While promising a balanced assessment of the innovations he references, Meskó is an optimistic believer in how technologies can transform individual lives and improve the delivery of health care and this comes through clearly in his work.

This is not a weighty academic tome or an objective health technology assessment but rather a very personalized riff on the potential of biotech in health. Meskó’s own voice comes through clearly throughout.

When I started this book my only major disappointment was to discover it was first published last September! The future moves fast in Meskó’s world and as such some of the many companies and apps mentioned by Meskó may already be defunct or revised out of all recognition.

Still, the book is an excellent airplane read for those soon to be hitting the exhibit hall at HIMSS.

(My Health Upgraded can be purchased here)





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